Turning engraving solutions into print finishing experiences 

Turning engraving solutions into print finishing experiences 

Turning engraving solutions into print finishing experiences 

Turning engraving solutions into print finishing experiences 


Hot foiling, embossing, and exclusive embellishment products that make such a difference, some of them we’ve even patented. That’s how much care and artistry we put into manufacturing them. 

Whether you’re in graphic design or consumer goods manufacturing, you agree: there are infinite ways to make a product stand out from the crowd. One of our favourites is how you dress it up, whether that be with a package or a label. Nonetheless, we love to see how our range of products are used in other industries as well, such as automotive, medical, security and anti counterfeit, book covers, leather goods and fashion. You name it, we have a solution for it. 

We don’t just make our engraved metal dies. We craft them, with unmatched artisan skill and state-of-the-art technology. 

As one of Europe’s largest engraving companies, we are your trusted partner. 

Regardless of where we find ourselves —in the car, at home, office, supermarket - the opportunity for supply around us, can occur in all shapes and designs, with a multitude of creative embellishments. The journey of their design starts with a concept and usually ends in the consumer’s eye. We make it our job to bring it to life so it ends up in their cart, after earning their hearts. That is accomplished through die manufacturing and it’s crucial that the quality of the process and tools are flawless. At UEI® Falcontec we do that and more. Hot foiling, embossing and debossing are our core products, yet we take our expertise even further and thrive on bespoke projects and challenges alike. 

Changing the game, with every die and tool 

The journey of an engraved die at our facilities starts with you. When you already know what your project needs, you can go straight to placing your order with us. If you don’t, we’ve got your back. Just give us a call or email us and we’ll come up with a bespoke solution for you, together. 
Before we raise the order into our system we always check the art files, so make sure they’re attached to your order from the start to save time and ensure product accuracy. 
We’ll inform you on lead times (hint: they’re swift) and send the order into production. Our craftsmen take it over from there to create and hand finish your chosen work of art. 
Next stop for your die is Quality control, where we triple check every detail before we sign, seal and deliver. 
We can’t wait to see the final product so if you want to send us a sample, we’ll proudly place it on the (Not your Average) Sample Shelf, next to the ones from our family of clients. 

Industry’s favourites 

Time is valuable for all of us, even more so in the printing industry. We realize that sometimes, the amount of jobs to be run on a machine can be challenging when it requires changeovers, number of repeats, artwork flexibility, makeready times, precise registrations, should we go on? We actually did, which is why we have been revolutionising the industry over the years. With technology like UniLock-Up® , Econofoil® 2mm and the SpeedChase® , we can help you achieve unrivaled efficiencies you wouldn’t think were possible in previous years. 
Why customers love us 
“I have worked with UEI® for the past 4 years and have always found the team helpful, willing and extremely professional. Nothing is too small or too big and deadlines are always met. Communication is key and the team and UEI® will always have answers. UEI® are always willing to go the extra mile and this reflects in the high standard of work that they produce.” 
Charles Davies 
Zenith Print and Packaging 
Why customers love us 
“Working with UEI® is always a pleasure. Their customer service team always get back to us quickly with prices and lead times. And most importantly, they rise above any challenge swiftly and efficiently.” 
Del Simmons 
Operations Director 


As manufacturers of Narrow-Web product embellishment tooling and anti counterfeit solutions, we just have to be part of FINAT. The European association for the self-adhesive label industry fosters networking between converters, suppliers and indirect suppliers, amongst other great functions. We are happy to align our purpose and values to its standards of industry best practices and be able to network with our industry peers globally. 
UEI® Falcontec is proudly represented in BPIF by our General Manager. Within the association, we have been sharing expertise and business best practices and actively participating in a remarkable community of industry professionals. It’s no secret our sector is a major contributor to the British economy and we are honored to support the shaping of the ever 
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