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Brass Rotary Hot Foiling Dies

Quickest & easiest to set up on press

Precision engraved to depth of 1.00mm (or more if required)

Brass cylinders make most efficient use of heat conductivity when compared with other current hot foil tooling options

Cylinders are temperature compensated across and along web for precise registration

Rotary brass foiling dies are environmentally friendly, produced without chemicals from 100% recyclable brass and using pure machining processes

Cylinders are produced for all manufacturers rotary hot foiling units

Precision engraved tooling for ease of use and peace of mind when it matters most

Brass Rotary Hot Foiling Insert Dies

Insert dies are the perfect solution for wine labels for example, where the design remains static except for an annual date change which is accommodated on the inserts or, in the picture, here an image that needed to be etched on to copper followed by chrome plating the entire die and inserts.

Trivia: Rotary hot foiling dies are known by many similar yet all slightly different names: rotary foil blocking dies, hot stamping dies, hot foil stamping dies, brass engraved hot stamping cylinders, rotary foil hot stamping dies, rotary hot foil stamping cylinders to name a few!! What do you call them???