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Econofoil / UniSleeve Hot Foiling System

This innovative rotary hot foiling system is designed as a cost effective option to replace engraved brass dies and provides a quality alternative to the magnetic foiling process.

The image is chemically etched into the copper faced steel and sleeves are priced on area not complexity.

Econofoil/UniSleeve benefit from improved registration when compared with other economic alternatives to engraved brass dies.

Designed to run on low cost aluminium mandrels Econofoil/UniSleeve are produced to fit the majority of hot foiling units.

End adaptors in mandrels for oil heated foiling units remain in place at all times reducing set up time for press operators.

Econofoil/UniSleeve mandrels are considerably lighter than brass or magnetic foiling dies so are easier to handle and set up.

Sleeves are lightweight, easy to handle and very economic to transport with customers benefiting from reduced freight costs.

The greatest solution yet for cost effective foiling without compromise of image quality or set up time.

History: Econofoil/UniSleeve was initially developed as an improvement to Gerhardt’s SES steel sleeve foiling system. It is not possible to deep etch very fine detail in steel, quite a drawback to some users of the system, but the use of a bi-metal with a copper surface overcame the problem. The withdrawal of the chemicals required to etch the steel sleeves further hastened the development and the final result is a superior product that can be used either on new anodised aluminium Econofoil/UniSleeve mandrels or the original SES mandrels.