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Foilring Hot Foiling System

Designed to fit into most foiling units, the Foilring foiling system utilises an aluminium mandrel which is considerably lighter than both brass and magnetic foiling dies making them easy to handle and reducing freight costs.

Unlike other hot foiling systems that require a dedicated mandrel for each repeat length, a single Foilring mandrel can cover a 5” repeat range (19” – 24” for example).

End adaptors in mandrels for oil heated foiling units remain in place at all times reducing set up time for press operators.

Rings or sleeves are produced just wide enough to accommodate the engraved images significantly reducing costs.

Foilring hot foiling rings and sleeves are precision engraved to depth of 1.00mm (or more if required) and have exactly the same accuracy as engraved brass hot foiling dies.

For customers that require bearers, Foilring mandrels are supplied with bearers that are located at the edge of the cylinder.

Like rotary brass foiling dies, Foilring foiling sleeves and rings are environmentally friendly, produced without chemicals from 100% recyclable brass and using pure machining processes.

The Foilring Foiling System, quality and economy in one product.

Motivation: Following a number of requests for alternative foiling options Foilring was specifically designed, with larger repeat sizes in mind, to minimise the amount of brass used and to reduce production times. This has been achieved without any loss of accuracy or quality and the significant cost savings are passed on to our customers