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Rotary Embossing Dies

Rotary embossing dies manufactured from steel or a combination of brass and steel.

Male and female embossing die sets produce multi-level images of highest quality and finest detail.

Precision engraved or chemically etched to a depth carefully calculated to achieve the desired result.

Cross web guide discs together with anti-backlash and adjustable gears ensure accurate registration both across and along the web.

For less detailed images, more economic single male or female embossing dies used in conjunction with a hard rubber coated anvil may well achieve the desired result.

Embossing dies are produced to run in both dedicated embossing units or an available cutter station.

Adjunct: by utilising precision CNC engraving and/or chemical etching Falcontec make available an immeasurable variety of textures and images set at different levels to enhance and embellish products.