Solution based. 

Since 1999, we have been developing countless solutions that make our customers’ lives easier to this day. This has positioned us as one of the global leaders in engraved metal dies, providing the perfect tools your products need to shine. 
The outstanding quality and reliability of our etched or engraved dies and tools are the result of years of hard work and innovation. Our company was started and has continued to grow with a heavy passion for engraving and tooling and that remains instilled into our company values. The everlasting dream was to build and develop a premiere engraving company that really values its employees, genuinely respects its customers and takes pride in delivering what it promises. We are honoured to be living that dream, as a member company of the UEI® Group. 
In October 2012, Universal Engraving acquired another UK engraver, Falcontec. This acquisition and merger of talents and processes is now known to the world as UEI® Falcontec - A UEI® Group Company. Our worldwide customer base benefits from our decades of collective expertise we put together in the manufacturing of our engraved metal dies. Together with our patented die lock-up systems, proprietary engraved products and unique brands we have enhanced and strengthened our customer relationships to provide unparalleled value. 
A world of possibility 
The real heroes behind the ground-breaking solutions we bring to the industry challenges are our UEI® Group Research and Development team members. They challenge the status quo and go through all the feedback, updates and concerns our stakeholders face. Trials are ran, questions are asked and most importantly, customer needs are put first. All so that we can proactively boost your company’s production time in a sustainable way. Make your life easier, that is. 
As a result of our dedicated R&D Team, along with exceptional engineering skills throughout the UEI® Group company, we pride ourselves on providing cost-effective and time-saving solutions for our customers. This means we have been successful in patenting several of our innovative products and maintain their uniqueness on the market.  
As a UEI® Group company, the member companies share the same values and we place innovation in everything we do. So, we just had to patent some of our cutting-edge solutions. Wherever you look on the market, our products will never compare. They don’t check boxes, they invented them. 

Meet needs, exceed expectations. 

Different projects have diverse needs, and UEI® Falcontec meets them all. If a product requires etching or precision engraving as part of the manufacturing process, our team of experts create impeccable dies and tools to showcase your design to the finest detail. Each and every day, customers from all over the world trust us with their product success. 
It’s not what we do, it’s who we are. When we say the quality of our dies matches the quality of our service, we mean it. We value our customers more than anything, and each of our team members have that in mind with every task they tick off daily. 

Work hard, but enjoy it. 

While we are fueled by our passion for the printing industry, some of us barely pass a day without an energy drink (Quality team exposed) or singing while packaging dies for despatch. We’re all here because embossing makes our heart pump faster, foiling brings a spark in our eyes and our attention to detail annoys our friends. And also, because we like each other (thank God!). Honestly, we couldn’t have asked for and work with a better team. 
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