Counter Forces The finest counter forces on the market 

Counter forces 

We spent years researching and developing the perfect proprietary process behind the manufacturing of our counter forces. Only for them to now be the premier offering on the market. The UEI® pre-cast counter, along with the engraved die, molds the substrate to provide a detailed, precise emboss/deboss impression and exquisite detail. The exclusive process behind its fabrication, allows the counter to nest perfectly into the engraved die and ensures that maximum pressure can be applied to the image. If that doesn’t expedite makeready time, then we don’t know what does. Every pre-cast counter order leaves our site with counter pins included, for registration and easy transfer to the press. We can also ship you a counter pin removal tool, just ask us. For multiple-up jobs, our counter forces are interchangeable.  
The Universal Counter Pin 
Make sure that you use our proprietary Universal Counter Pin, it’s a game-changer for efficient pre-cast counter transfer. The unique shape and format is compatible with any type of embossing die and nearly any engraved die thicknesses. Its cleverly engineered design ensures a secure and reliable fit between the pre—cast counter and the engraved die, delivering unmatched job set up performance. We supply Universal Counter Pins with all embossing and combination engraved die orders- but you can always purchase more to have on hand! 
If you need more information or want to place your order, our team is just an email away. 
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