Brass Dies Brass Dies for Sheet Fed Applications 


Our extensive range of manufacturing methods incorporates the right products for your applications. Brass dies included. 

We gathered the very best brass engravers within our team, so your design is safe in their hands. Artistic realism and true precision define their work, as does the standard for excellence that we’ve set as a company. Every UEI® brass die is manufactured with a special alloy that transfers heat well, offers workability, long-term durability and hardness. We then engrave them to the tightest tolerances to ensure the highest-quality and unrivalled engraved effects. Remember you can stamp/emboss over 1 million impressions with our brass engraved dies, if properly used and stored. 

Available effects 

The unique properties of our brass are ideally suited for multi-level embossing dies, sculptured dies or dies that require specific bevels or depths. Foil stamping, combination (fluted), multi-level emboss, 3D and sculptured are all great effects that can be achieved with UEI® brass dies. If intricate detail or realistic depth is what you’re looking for in a brass engraved die, search no more. If you need more information or want to place your order, our team is just an email away. 
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