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Proofing services 

Prototyping for the future 
Looking to show an important client how foil and/or embossing can make a project stand out? The experts at UEI® Falcontec help our customers all over the world to showcase their design enhancement possibilities. Rather than occupying your valuable machine time, allow us to bring your design ideas to life using your material to create a sample. 
Paper press proof 
Before we ship your engraved dies or cylinders, when you request it - we can proof them with either your stock and foil or ours. Just in case your press operator needs it so they know the type of effect that can be achieved with the engraved die. It’s a small fee but worth it! 
Digital proof 
If you would like to see what your embossing die will look like before we even start engraving the metal - we can provide you with a digital proof. This way, you know exactly what to expect before you receive the engraved die. Having a digital proof means you can send it to your customer in advance for approval, or make modifications that you hadn’t anticipated, thus saving valuable time and money. 
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