Our Company 

At UEI® Falcontec, we believe our company is our people.  
Enhancing the human potential of each of our team members stands proud amongst our values. 

Current Roles Available  

We do not currently have any roles available, please check back soon. 
Our values 
Maintaining a leadership position in the manufacturing industry for decades is a commitment we have been working on since day one. We’re strong believers of who we are is how we’ll grow, and well-defined values and beliefs are key to that. Committed to excellence, driven by innovation and performance. 
Provide a safe work environment for our team and visitors, where everyone is respected and valued 
Foster trust and honesty through work ethics, commitment and loyalty 
Ensure our stakeholders find in us a consistent reliable partner with integrity and transparency 
Cultivate teamwork, and continuous improvement to lead and innovate our products and industry 
Nurture a detail-oriented work culture, where customer satisfaction dictates the quality of our products and service 
Demonstrate an authentic and easy to deal with attitude. We are always open to feedback, challenges and new approaches. 
Work and enjoyment are not a contradiction, they define us. We show up every day because we care about and value our contribution to a greater purpose. 

Our teams 

Their success is our pride 
Production Team 
The artisans behind our products make our days. Not only because they actually manually create what we sell, but their young spirit and passion make the days fly. We believe the top notch quality of our dies is also, in part, thanks to the rock songs the guys sing to them. Seriously, they know them all. 
Quality Team 
Really taking attention to detail to a whole new level, they’re the final stop for a die or tool before we ship it. They’ll occasionally let you touch a die when you pass by, provided you offer an energy drink in exchange. 
Customer Service Team 
Orders —raised. Customer support —provided. Shipping —tracked. There’s really nothing they can’t deal with! 
Sales Team 
Fueled by coffee and barely having a moment to sit down. Client chats are not even in their calendars anymore, it’s their favourite coffee break. They may or may not have a ‘Getting things done’ screensaver on at least one of their devices. Each. Did we mention coffee? 
Administrative Team 
Setting up new customers, stock take, invoicing —all things accounting done right. When in need of a laugh, that’s where you go. It’s the land of all jokes known and unknown to humankind, we promise. 
Please be aware of possible job offer scams. For more information, please click the link below. 

A world of opportunity, and yours is right here 

We worked really hard to create an equal opportunity workplace. Our team members say we succeeded, so that makes us proud. We constantly seek to recruit, develop and retain the most talented people. We like variety so any backgrounds, perspectives, and skills are welcomed here. As well as genders, races, religions, ages and sexual orientations. If you think you can bring a diverse perspective to our business, you’re probably right. Let’s chat about it. There’s a form below, which we like to think of as an ice breaker. Go on, fill it in and remember to attach your CV.  
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