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Cutting & Welding Tools

RF/Ultrasonic Welding Tools

Radio Frequency (RF) and Ultrasonic welding is used in diverse industries for fusing two or more materials together. Depending upon the precise tool function, very different levels of detail or profile are required and can be incorporated within the engraved tool.

Typical Applications where these tools are used include:

* Stationery – Book Covers, Stationery Wallets, Zip Bags, Binders and Office Files.

* Textiles – Bespoke garment logo’s, decorative riboons.

* Medical Items – Blood Bags and Colostomy Bags.

* Inflatable Items – Beach Balls, Toys, Air / Water Beds, Rafts and Life Jackets.

Flat Engraved Steel Cutters

When tolerances are just too stringent for steel rule dies flat engraved steel dies are often the answer. Manufactured from solid steel and hardened to 58hrc solid steel dies are appropriate for cutting paper, leather, rubber, plastic and numerous other materials used in the production of envelopes, labels, gaskets, washers, placemats, greetings cards.

Coaster Dies

Surface hardened, and with the added option of chrome plating, coaster dies are used in the manufacture of printed tissue disposables with drinks coasters, dripmats and napkins featuring most frequently but not exclusively. Coaster dies are produced with as many profiles as needed, on solid bases or cut out, plain backed or with screw mounting holes, all as specified to meet customers’ requirements.